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Custom Sewing

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    Valerie has been sewing for several decades. She has worked from patterns and designed from scratch.

    Val is an experienced alterationist for men's, women's and children's clothing and has experience in many types of alterations in retail settings. Hemming is quite welcome. Each job is discussed before beginning and Val will honestly tell you if she feels she can do the job.

    Minor mending is another service available. One of the most common requests is for zipper replacements in coats. Val has been advised by several hard-working clients that her patching of work pants is some of the most comfortable they have worn.

    Val is proud to be a past member of 4-H Homemaking Clubs, as well as taking several specialty courses over the years, including in drawing and adapting patterns.

    To see examples of Valerie's work check out the costumes worn by Val E. Joy, clown. Val also custom-made many of the props and equipment carry bags used in her entertainment business.

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Custom Sewing is by appointment.
Call 226-889-8881 or e-mail

(Val is willing to discuss picking up and droping off sewing projects locally for a small fee.)