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    "Val's Family Fun" site showcases a small entertainment business owned and operated by Valerie Gillies in Brussels, a small community in Huron County in rural Midwestern Ontario, Canada. The purpose of this site is to make visitors aware of the services available. This business is ever-evolving, so stop by often.

    This site is a culmination of the various areas of Val's life and careers. A mother of five, she has always believed in community as an extended family. She beleives it is important to enhance people's quality of life and approaches each task as a Goodwill Ambassador.

    Valerie holds a joint honours Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Waterloo in both Psychology and in Recreation and Leisure Studies with a Specialization in Therapeutic Recreation. She earned her Care Clowning certificate from the Huron Clown Alley. Valerie believes in lifelong learning and in the motto she learned in 4-H Homemaking Clubs in her youth: Learn to do by doing.

    This site has been a family project which began with Valerie's daughter, Connie, as designer. Val's sons, Greg then Brode, assumed the job of webmaster. Eventually Val has learned from her children and now personally maintains and updates this site.

Site last revised: May, 2020

Contact Val at with any questions or comments. Your feedback is very important to me!
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