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Val's Guitars

    Valerie Gillies performs live music both as a singer/songwriter and as Val E. Joy, clown, with her acoustic guitar as accompaniment. She has recorded several music tracks as examples of cover songs she performs, as well as her own songs, and those performed by Val E. Joy in her stage shows.

    The links below will take you to music track collections to let you hear songs Valerie has recorded. Well-known songs are found in "Cover Tracks". Music selections that Val has written are in "Songwriter Tracks". The collection in "Clown Tracks" includes 3 original songs along with songs Val E. Joy often performs in her stage shows.

    Val also records music videos to share on YouTube through her channel under "Valerie Gillies". Some are of her singing live, while others have the lyrics overlayed on photos or original sketches.

Cover Tracks | Songwriter Tracks | Clown Tracks

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